Personal Documents on the iPad using the SAP Mobile BI App

I was chatting with a customer and old friend from the Business Objects User Group , Simon Trill, and he mentioned in his review of BI4 and specifically using WebIntelligence reports on the iPad he was able to do simple security of mobile content using a personal category.

So if you want users to be able to display a WebIntelligence that they hold in their “Personal Documents” or what’s now known as “My Favourites” on an iPad through the SAP BI app then simply create a personal category called “Mobile” as you would do in “Corporate Documents” “Public Folders”, and assign the report to that category.  Simple as that !

Screenshot_09_05_2013_15_38I created a simple report called “Sales by State” and added it to a newly created “Mobile” personal category.  As you can see in the screenshot below the report from the personal category is there but also the content in the corporate “Mobile” category is also still visible.


I haven’t done any extensive testing but this approach may be of interest to someone to build upon further.


2 thoughts on “Personal Documents on the iPad using the SAP Mobile BI App

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Did you also try dashboard files open with SAP BI Mobile? As I see Android SAP BI Mobile supports dashboard (xlf) files but IOS SAP BI Mobile doesn’t. Looked at admin guides but no information found. If you have any comments i’ll be appreciate.

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